Cal 7 Complete Skateboard, Popsicle Double Kicktail Maple Deck, 31 Inches, Skate Styles in Various Graphic Designs (8″ Heritage)

August 15, 2019 - Comment
(as of April 4, 2020 6:37 pm GMT+0000 - Details)


Anonymous says:

He loves it!! My 10yr old son is just getting in to skating and LOVES his new board! Great quality for the price!!

Anonymous says:

Why wouldn’t you buy this? This looks and feels just like an expensive name brand board from a company that’s huge in the skating industry. The fallbacks are small. The wheels were soft and the grip tape wasn’t perfect. The wheels spun but one needed adjustment (but still better than others I’ve tried). The graphic seems backward. This board has a longer side that one can only assume is the tail. But the graphic doesn’t seem to match. Not a big deal for a beginner. The board isn’t a true popsicle stick as mentioned last…

Anonymous says:

It is a cheap complete that’s pretty good Very cheap complete deck that’s pretty good and great customer service. My first deck delaminated pretty quick and they sent me a complete replacment. The second one hasn’t broken yet. The deck has some flex in it so it’s not the best but if ur just wanting to mess around I recommend it. Just dont expect the quality of a $150 setup for $30 and you will be okay.

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